Protect Files As Unrecognized Compressed Archives Which Does Not Open In Password Cracking Software

If you prefer to make password protected archives on your computer, then I have a tool for you named as Secure Archive, now a question may arise in your mind that if ZIP and RAR are capable of putting a password on the archive then why we should use this freeware. My answer will be that this freeware will capable of encrypting the archive on the basis 3 different algorithms, so it will hard for the any other user to break it up. As far as my knowledge is concerned breaking the password of any RAR file is very easy, you will find many tools on internet which can do that in an instant.


You can see the screenshot of the tool where many files have been added to the application windows. You can drag and drop the files in this application window or you can add them with the help of add button in the application window, after you add the files, it will ask you whether you want to create an archive. After clicking yes, you will have to enter the password for your secure archive and choose the type of compression you want for those files and then choose the type of algorithm which will be used to encrypt the archive.


Now, you are supposed to give the path for the output archive. If you have entered an easy password, then it will prompt you to make it strong but it is your choice to make it stronger or to proceed further. After the archive has been created, you will see that all the files added in that archive will be listed in the application window of this tool. Now when you will open that archive it will ask you to enter the password for the archive and then it will display you the contents.

So, this might be a good option for those who prefer to keep their documents safe while sending them or sharing them with any other user. The size of this tool is around 1.6 MB and it has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition. SO, if you face any issue while working with it, then please let us know.

Download Secure Archive

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