Program Launcher For Windows Similar To Mac Launchpad

One of the reason and the most important one due to which people love to work on Mac machine as compared to Windows is the features of the machine and its interface. It’s easy to use and user friendly interface makes it an efficient and demanding machine among the worldwide users. One of such unique feature or the tool of the Mac machine is its ability to launch various programs and tools from a single location. Thus similar to those features one of the new tool with same look and experience has been launched recently.

JumpPad is a small, simple, easy to use and very effective Windows based tool which is very similar to Mac OS X style Launchpad. It comes up with the various features of Mac OS such as hot corners, it adds start menu shortcuts of all the installed programs to the launcher by default. Along with this it also provide the user some options in order to configure or change the size of the icon. The user can also define the folder paths from where the user wants to add some more shortcuts. The tool then looks into those specified folders and lists the available shortcuts to the user through this launcher as seen in the snapshot.


This tool becomes more valuable for the users who have a large number of programs installed in their machines, as the user need not look into the complex path for the location of the application to launch or even in the long list provided in the Start Menu. The user may choose from the customizable list of icons which are present as the shortcuts, by simply moving the mouse over any one of the corners of the desktop. The user may choose from any of the four corners available on the screen to launch the application by choosing the icon present there.

Although this tool provides you various features but the most important benefit of using this tool over other application of its kind is that it is not limited to providing a list of shortcuts to installed applications. As told earlier, it looks into the folders whose path has been provided and show links to all the executable files that it founds in those folders. In order to use this application you simply have to download the application. Then there is no need of installation and you can just run the JumpPad.Exe file which will then list all the items that are already present in the start menu.

After using the application as you close the launcher, you will see that it will open one more window that has configuration options which are basically used to provide those paths for the customizable folders from which you want to create shortcuts for the applications. The user can assign up to 6 folders here in this window. Although it takes some time at the moment it is launched, but after that it provides you a fast access for the other applications through those simple shortcuts. This time is taken as all those directories which are related to the application are scanned. So, one of the solution to this problem may be that try to add less number of directories and that too which has a very less number of shortcuts for the other applications. This way you can make it a worth application to use.

So, just download it from the below mentioned link and try it out. But, one thing that has to be remembered before downloading it is that it only works on Windows 7.

Download JumpPad

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