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Sometimes user requires to automate some tasks which the user wants to be get executed after a period of time. This requirement may also be for some other machine where tasks which user wants to execute are placed in some remote machine. So, in order to help the user to schedule different tasks on certain periods or certain event like when file changes, the user may need a tool or utility which can serve this purpose. As we know, every task that is executed includes one or the other actions. These actions may perform different number of operations such as the user may need to backup the files to zip or some svn update sources, some compile help and manual project, copying up of some files, some ftp actions and many more of such operations.
So, in order to automate many of such above discussed tasks, we recommend you a simple and smart tool named as PrettyFlow. PrettyFlow is basically a small windows application which has been developed with an aim to allow the users to automate and remotely execute such kind of various tasks. With this small utility, one can do many operations from remote machine starting from a database backup to updating applications, building projects and many more similar operations which were discussed above. PrettyFlow comes with a feature which gives the user this facility by which user can this tool either as a standalone application or it can also be used as a client-server model to perform above discussed tasks remotely.


Now, in order to use this utility, you just have to download it from the below given link and after installing it in your system, you may simply start with it. Now, to get started, simply launch the application and start a new project from the File menu which is similar to the menu present in most of such utilities. After this you may click on Save option in order to save the created project on the hard drive of the system after providing a name for your project.


After following these steps, go to Edit option available in the menu and then click on New Action from the popped out menu and select a task which you want to perform. Although, there are large number of available options and you may take some time to totally understand all those available jobs which can be performed. There are various categories which can be selected and then task to be performed can be chosen. Some of the available categories are Archive, Build, Database, and many other categories which may contain tasks for managing your clipboard, or for some error handling, and so on.

As said earlier, one may also execute tasks on a remote machine. Now, in order to remotely execute tasks, you have to provide the server credentials and for that you have to run the Server version of the tool on a machine. On its own, the setup for both the server and client version of pretty flow will be provided. You may specify the server port and the password in order to access it for executing the remote tasks as selected by the user.

Download PrettyFlow

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