Process List Of All Programs Running On Windows

Sometimes we tend to realize that the performance of our machine is slowly going down and when we check the task manager of our windows we don’t get extensive information about the processes that are running and actually which process is using what all resources. I have a tool named CurrProcess that will give you all the information that you could possibly want about the process that is running on your system.

The application provides you with the list of all the processes running on your system, it also gives you the list of all the modules that are being used by the the process that you have selected.  Using this tool you can also change the priority of any process you want from the list. You can kill  a selected process using this tool. The application also helps you to dump the memory of the selected process in a text file and create a HTML report of the process with the list of all the modules that it loads into the memory. You can also create a report of all the current processes in HTML or in text file.

cprocess 1

This is the window that will open when we run the software after downloading it. The software doesn’t require installation it runs directly after being extracted. The toolbar of the tool has various option like File, Options, Process, Module and Help. The functions various buttons pointed by arrows that are present in the tool are as follows :-

1. Red Arrow – Save the processes list.

2. Yellow Arrow – To copy the selected process to the clipboard.

3. Green Arrow – It opens a pop up window with the list of the process properties.

4. Blue Arrow – Kill selected process.

5. Black Arrow – It generates Process Module HTML report.

6. Orange Arrow – This button is used to dump the selected process to a file.

7. Purple Arrow – To Exit.

cprocess 2

The above image shows the various options for a File Menu. We can see that the tool’s image is divided into two parts the upper part contains the processes and the lower part contains the modules for that particular process.

cprocess 3

The Options menu is shown above which has several options that will help you to keep a track on your system’s performance in a more effective way.

cprocess 4

The Process menu has several options like to set the priority, to choose which columns to show and which not to etc. .

cprocess 5

The Module menu has several options like Copy Selected Modules, Dump Memory, Module File Properties etc. .

cprocess 6

This is the window that will open when you will select a process and click on the button pointed by Green Arrow which will give you all the properties of that process.

cprocess 7

This is the Report that will generated when you will click on the Process-Modules HTML report button, the one pointed out by black arrow.

cprocess 8

This pop up window will open when you will click on the Dump Process Memory To File Button, the one pointed out by orange arrow.

cprocess 9

You can also get the properties regarding a particular module after selecting the Properties option in the Module window. One more application that is used to find out validity of the running programs, there validity, ports and suspicious process if any named Xyvos System Explorer.

Download CurrProcess.

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