Print / Save A Web Page As PDF launched on Tuesday, March 23, 2010, as the name suggests, turns any url into a pdf formatted file. It’s a simple, user friendly, one function site that converts any live web site into a static pdf file. It comes very handy when offline reading, long term archiving is required. It converts e-books into pdf files for making it convenient for you to read and understand. All you need to do is enter the url of the page you want to convert into pdf and bang on, the results are highly satisfactory.

It does a phenomenal job at formatting, which includes correct font sizes and even in-line images. Some of the advanced users can even add tweaks at the end of the url and then post it on the space provided, so that the pdf formatted file can be created.

Key Features Of

  • Helps in converting a web page into a pdf formatted file
  • Helps the users in using e-books for their purposes
  • Helps readers read articles and other stuff offline

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It’s a web site which helps you convert a live web page into a static pdf file.

How is helpful?

It comes very handy, as it helps readers read offline by converting the url into a pdf file which can be easily saved on their computer.

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