Print Multiple Digital Pages On a Single Sheet Of Paper

We have default printing application window in Microsoft Office and in Adobe Photoshop. But today we will be reviewing a tool which will make it very easy of you to print the document and any other PDF file in a smarter manner. The name of this freeware is iPrint. You will able to print two sheets on a single page and similarly you will be able to enjoy many features if this tool.

This tool will help you to print the document in different patterns like you can print two pages, four pages or more than that on a single sheet. Sometimes it happens that when you unknowingly press the print button then it is very difficult to cancel it as by the time it cancels the command, half of the page gets printed. but with the help of this tool, you will hardly make any mistake like that because you cannot launch this tool by just clicking on its icon. The moment you give a print command then this print file will be transferred to this tool and then you can select the manner in which this tool should be printed.


While printing any document, make sure that in the field where a particular printer has to be selected, you should select iPrint there and then give the print command then it will follow the exact procedure as mentioned in the above paragraph. Now you can see the snapshot of the application window which will appear after you give the print command to your file.

You can see the option in that window, where you can cancel the command which has already been given to print or if you want then you can select the number of pages which should be printed on a single page. Besides this you can also see the exact print preview of the document which is supposed to be printed.

The size of this tool around 8 Mbs and it will take no time to get installed, after it gets installed do no search for any icon to launch this tool as you will find it as an installed printer in the print command application window. This tool is expected to be compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition. So, Use it and Enjoy !!! I am sure once you install it, you will get addicted to it.

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