Print Big Posters In Parts With Regular Home Printers

You may want to create posters out of your photos, you can do so with help of some online tools like Rasterbator but the biggest problem arises when you want to print a created poster, as there is plotter which is required to print a poster and not everyone has a plotter at home.

Today we tell you, how can you print a big size poster using the normal printer at home

Easy Poster Printer is a freeware software which enables you convert your photos into printable posters of any size, using your regular printer. All you need to do is load the image that you want to use and specify the desired output size.

Easy Poster Printer

It will automatically resample the photo and divide it into sections that fit the paper format of your printer. The program will automatically compensate for cut lines and glue overlap, so all you need to do is print (and assemble) the results

Some Key Features Of Easy Poster Printer

  • Make posters of any size (max 20×20 meters) using a regular printer (A4 for example).
  • Save your poster and share it with others.
  • Print or Preview any page at any time.
  • Load, Clear, Rotate or Flip the poster image on the fly.
  • Define your poster size in Millimeters, Centimeters, Inch or even pages.
  • Adjust the poster size using build-in snap algorithms for up or down size.
  • See your posters as thumbnails in Windows Explorer (Vista or later only).
  • Save your own custom formats for easier reproduction.
  • Make high quality posters from regular images (super resample algorithm) (150-600 DPI)
  • Use Drag n Drop for both data-files and image-files.
  • Change background color
  • Copy and Paste images directly into the poster

This software seems to work with all the versions of windows including windows 7 , we have just tested this tool on windows 7 32 bit Ultimate Edition

Download Easy Poster Printer

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