Print A Large Poster In Small Sections With Regular Printer

You can never think of printing a high resolution or a large size poster with the help of a small printer available at your home, the only thing you will do is minimizing the size of that picture and then printing it. But now I am going to tell you about a freeware which can help you to print that same picture without minimizing them by a single inch. Posterazor is used to cut a large picture into small printable pieces in such a way that these pieces can be assembled after getting printed separately.

This software is very light having 841 kb as its setup size and it is also very easy to install. The very first window of this freeware will appear like the snapshot shown below, just insert the image which you want to disintegrate and then press next.


Now you will have to select the format of the sheets in which you’ll the pieces printed. After selecting this format select the size of the borders which you would to mark on the pieces, do remember that these borders will be overlapped at the time of assembling.


After completing the above two steps, now enter the configuration of the overlapping margin and the overlapping positions required while assembling the pieces. Please make sure not to make any mistake while entering these stats as any error will create a problem while assembling.


Now after entering all the data you will be able to view the size of your picture in form of the page size entered by you at the second step. You will be able to align the image and you will also be able to preview your original image wherein you can see the partitions being marked by pink colored lines which are supposed to be overlapped while assembling.


At this step you will get complete details of the size and the number of the pieces in which your original image is supposed to be divided. Now just press next button and save your project. As soon as you save the poster the pdf application will be launched and you will get the pieces grouped in a pdf file. Now when you want to get your poster printed just give the print command to your pdf file and then assemble the pieces.


This software is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it was checked with Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit OS.

Download Posterazor

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