Preview PDF, Doc, XLS, JPG, MP3, AVI With Out Opening Them

There are times when you may feel the need to preview a file without opening it, it could be a case with a semi downloaded movie file, word or pdf document you would like to see the preview. As windows explorer does not allow you to preview these files without opening an extra application.

In such a case you can you this free program called Document Preview application was developed to be an easy to use tool that allows users to preview files such as PDF, Doc, XLS, JPG, MP3, AVI.


This program can come pretty handy when you would like to preview some docs and other types of supported files with out requiring the program to be installed to open it. We hope you like this tool, you can also read our post on how to open a word doc when you don’t have Microsoft Word installed and another post on free word replacement for windows

Download Document Preview

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