Preview, Extract ZIP, RAR, 7z, ARJ, LHA, TGZ, TAR Files On Mac OS X

For a user who is new to Mac OS X, handling archive files might be somewhat of a challenge. Over the years, some names have become famous in the Windows world for handling such image files or archives, such as WinRAR, 7zip and Winzip.

In Mac OS X, the Archive Utility (which is bundled with the OS) has the ability to handle some basic archives such as ZIP or TGZ archives. However, even for those archives, the support is limited to immediate extraction of files, and there is no such support for previewing the files inside an archive before extraction or to extract to a custom location.

Zipeg is a freeware app for OS X that promises to be your 1 stop archive handling app. There are 4 main features that Zipeg boasts of –

  • Multiple Format Support – ZIP, RAR, 7z, ARJ, LHA, TGZ, TAR and many many more. Here is a list of archive types that Zipeg offers to handle when you first launch it.
  • Preview Enclosed Files – For files such as pictures or photos, you can instantly preview them, without having to extract the whole archive. This is especially useful when the archive size is large, and you require to just view 1-2 files, rather than going to through the hassle of extracting the whole archive and wasting hard disk space, you can quickly preview. Zipeg has an inbuilt preview option, or you may also open it in an external application.
  • Support For Multiple Languages – If your filenames contain characters from other languages, Zipeg tries to display them correctly in the native language. See the sample archive in the below screenshot.
  • Cross-platform – Zipeg is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and for Mac OS X 10.4+.

Apart from the above publicized features, I tried opening multi-part RAR archives with Zipeg, and they worked instantly. Same for password protected archives, a pop-up appears asking you for the password, and extraction proceeds smoothly. You can also preview files in a multi-part or password protected archive, similar to normal archives.

I would highly recommend Zipeg to OS X users who regularly deal with different types of archives in their everyday work, as this is a neat utility that makes life easier for you.

Download Zipeg