Prevent Winamp To Restore File Associations To Media Files Everytime You Start It

These days many of us have more than one media player on our PC, we have players like Winamp, VLC and Windows Media Player etc. In my case I listen audio songs with winamp but for video files like movies I use VLC media player. Recently I installed the new winamp on my PC and every time I start winamp it re associates to all the media files and steals the file association with other programs. So automatically all media files on my computer other than songs open with winamp automatically on double click as the default program is set to winamp only.

In older versions of winamp this could happen with users who had installed winamp agent also when they install winamp, so in such a case you would need to disable winamp agent. But in my case I am with the new version 5.572 without winamp agent, In order solve this issue I explored the winamp options and then I found out the solution, read on further to know the solution to this problem.

Open Winamp right click on the top of its interface and Select Options >> Preferences  [ as shown in the image below ]


Now navigate to General >> File Types in the left pane and uncheck the option which says restores file associations at winamp start up


That’s it – it will not restore the media files associations after you uncheck the option highlighted in the image above.

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  1. Alan Chung says

    Hell Abhishek, thanks so much for the info above. it’s always annoyed me that winamp associates vid files after every time i play some music. Keep up good work!

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