Prevent USB Removable Drives From Getting Corrupted or Faulty

When you have many folder, files and applications opened and along with it, you have many USB storage devices connected to your computer, then it gets hard to think of removing those device as we do not know that how many files, folder and applications have been opened from that device and while trying to eject them from our system, we receive a dialogue box quoting that this device cannot be stopped as it is running. So, today will be telling you about a tool with the help of which you can close all the files and application associated with it.


You can call this tool as ProEject and this tool has been designed especially for the purpose of safety removal of all the storage USB devices. You might not be knowing that if you keep on ejecting the drives without the safety removal, then it harms on both the sides, i.e. your computer and the device itself. If you will continue to do this then it might depreciate the feature of your computer to read the data in the storage devices.


You can see the screenshot of the tool mentioned in the screenshot above, it has got many option for the safely removal. If you want to remove the USB drive safely, even though you have opened many files and applications from that storage device, then you can use this tool for ejecting that drive as due to many options available in the tool, it will close all the applications and files associate with this USB drive and then it will eject the drive automatically. After you launch this tool, it will open itself in a small application window at the left hand side bottom of the screen. With the help of settings option you can go to the screen mentioned above in the screenshot.

Now once you return back to the window of the tool, you will see that all the drives are mentioned there in the application window. Now if you want to eject any USB storage, and then go to its context menu and you will see the options as mentioned above in the screenshot. You can clean it before ejecting, sometimes we format the drives before ejecting them and if you select the close option then it will close all the files and applications associated with this drive and upon double clicking any of the drives mentioned in the window, it will open it in the explorer window. The size of this tool is around and it has been tested on Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition. So, if you face any problem while using then please let us know.

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