Prevent, Stop uTorrent To Run On Windows Start Up

uTorrent according to me is one the best torrent client to download files via torrent technology, but for those who don’t use it regularly gets annoyed by the fact that it runs every time on windows startup. In order to stop uTorrent from running on windows boot up time, you will need to configure the same through uTorrent application interface as if even if you remove it from windows startup programs it will get added to the startup again, when you run it the next time.

Follow the procedure below to permanently stop uTorrent from running when windows starts

1. Open, Run uTorrent

2. Now go to preferences on uTorrent interface or just press Ctrl+P to open preferences as shown in the image below

12-12-2010 6-57-54 PM

3. Now Under general section, uncheck the box which says Start uTorrent on system startup as pointed out in the image below.

12-12-2010 6-58-13 PM

We hope the above steps, help you stop uTorrent from running automatically on system startup.

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