Prevent, Stop Others To Re Share, Comment On Google+ Plus Stream Update

Google has recently launched its new google+ service which resembles much more like facebook, but in all it seems much impressive and simple to use till now, there is lot of discussion happening around its features happening on twitter and facebook as well. I sign up for a account in morning and added some of my friends very easily, it has some major building blocks on which it works like circles which are groups like facebook, in facebook you have wall updates and here you have similar looking stream updates, we are coming up with a detailed video tour very soon so stay tuned to read some tips and tricks about the new google+

It also takes care of the privacy related to the updates as well, as when you share a update you can specify whether other people connected to you should be able to comment and re share the same on their google+ stream.

6-30-2011 12-49-53 PM

In order to make a update of yours on google+ static and no one can re share or post a comment on it, you will need to find that update on your profile, in order to see all your updates on google+ click your name as shown in the image below.

6-30-2011 3-51-41 PM

Now you will see all the updates you have posted before, find the update you are looking for and then click the down arrow in the extreme right of the update you will see the option to disable the re share or disable comments on this update as shown in the image below.

6-30-2011 3-49-29 PM

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