Prevent, Stop Dropbox To Run On Windows Startup or Folder Opens

Dropbox is an amazing free service which allows you to store files online and share it with your friends where people can directly download from the dropbox files directly using a link to your public folder on dropbox servers, however you can also keep your private files safe in private folders.

Dropbox has a desktop client which can be installed on windows or mac os which you can directly sync files from your computer with dropbox servers online, but some of my friends gets annoyed by the fact that dropbox folder opens on system startup or run automatically when windows start.

You can stop dropbox desktop client not to run on start of windows, through its application interface by following the procedure given below.

1. Open, Run dropbox desktop client it will show up in system tray, right click and select preferences as shown in the image below.

12-13-2010 12-14-32 AM

2. Under preferences you will see the option which says Start dropbox on system startup as shown in the image below

12-13-2010 12-14-13 AM

We hope the above procedure is helpful for you, you can also check out some other articles we had written before on dropbox tips and tricks.

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