Prevent, Stop Bing Bar To Get Installed With Live Essentials 2011

Windows Live Essentials 2011 has been recently announced, it is now available for download. It comes with some great tools for windows users like live writer, live mail, live mesh and but also with some not so good tools like bing bar.

Bing Bar is another annoying toolbar from Microsoft which gets added to internet explorer and firefox browser and takes up good amount of screen space, we had already talked about how to remove bing bar on your computer.

Today we will tell you simple way to avoid bing bar from getting installed while installing live essentials 2011 suite on your computer, you can get the live essentials 2011 from here

Once you run the installer it will ask you the question What do you want to install? whether to install it with all the products with it or choose the programs you wish to install as shown in the image below.


Make sure you select the option, Choose the programs you want to install. On the next screen uncheck Bing Bar to avoid it from getting installed as shown in the image below


This way you can also select which all products you would like to install in live essentials 2011

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