Prevent Spam and Inappropriate Content On Skype With SX For Skype

SX For Skype is a free additional security plugin for skype which allows you the most important function to record your skype calls and messages so that you can re call and read them later in case of any reference required. It will keep you safe form spammers and inappropriate content and messages on skype.

sx for skype

Following are some key features of this plugin

Content filtering:
· Filters and blocks inappropriate content in messages
· Easy configuration with four filtering levels
Phishing/Spam protection:
· Block spammers and scammers from contacting you
· Filters out annoying and potentially dangerous messages and calls
Call and messages archive:
· Full call recording in MP3 format
· Plug & Play, no configuration is required

You can get to know more how it work after watching the video embedded below.

Download SX For Skype Beta

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