Prevent Program Crash By Terminating Them Before Shutdown

We all open a number of programs and applications while working. Sometimes we close them but sometime we minimize the current program or application and switch to another application. When we minimize any program or application it keeps on running in the background. After working when we shutdown our pc, Windows closes all our running programs and applications without saving them and then immediately turns off the pc.

Now if you open a document and just minimize it, then after pressing shutdown Windows will force exit it and will leave that document unsaved. Maybe the document is a saved document but what if that document is unsaved or you have done some changes in the existing document? When you shutdown, Windows wont save your document. So in order to automatically save your documents before shutdown you can use a tool called CloseToQuit.

CloseToQuit is a freeware tool and is very simple to use. In this tool you can add all the programs and application which you want to save before the Windows shutdown. When you click on the installer file of this tool, you will see this tool will get located in the bottom right corner of your taskbar.

31-08-2010 14-14-50

Now right click on it and click on settings. After that a window will open as shown below.

31-08-2010 14-17-19

Now in the action tab you will see three options i.e close, kill and run. Select close if you want Windows to notify you about any unsaved document of particular program or application before shutdown and then add the name of that program or application in the Program tab. You can add any number of programs in this tab. As you can see from following snapshot I have added notepad and word in the close tab.

31-08-2010 14-25-10

Now after adding desired number of programs you just need to click on ok and then if there will be some unsaved document before ,Windows will automatically notify you about them so that you can save that document and then allow Windows to shutdown properly. This tool will create a text file named CloseToQuit on your desktop and you can open this file to see which all applications you have added to be notified at time of shutdown.

31-08-2010 14-26-45

You can see from this text file that I have added notepad and word in the close program tab. The other options in action tab are kill and run. In kill, you can add all those programs which you don’t want to save and just want to close them before shutdown. In run you can add all those programs which you want to run automatically before the Windows shutdown.

The size of this tool is 421Kb and it requires no installation. As usual it will create a desktop shortcut which can be used to use this freeware and will get located in the bottom right of your taskbar after you click on its installation file. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows and has been tested successfully on Windows 7-32 bit edition.

Download CloseToQuit

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