Prevent or Lock Access To A Drive With Drive Secure

We have previously talked about some programs which allows you to hide logical drives in windows like NoDrives Manager and shared another tip on how can you Hide Drives In Windows XP and Vista. Today we will tell you about another tool called Drive Secure which lets you prevent access to logical drives in any windows operating system.

Drive Secure 

You can select the user to be restricted to open the drive or select all users, you can also optionally select to disable registry editing. You can also set password to use this program so that no one other than you use this program for blocking drives access.

Note: In order to hide a drive you will need to log off and login in

One of the major negative feedback about this application is that once you hide a drive, you can not unhide using the same tool, you will need to use program like NoDrives Manager mentioned above.

Download Drive Secure

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