Prevent Google To Know Which Link You Are Visiting In Search Results With Beefree

Beefree is a cool firefox addon which allows you to to help you to defend your privacy online, It will prevent to google and other search engines to know which links, of their search results, you’re going to visit. You can disable and enable again bee free from the menu Tools -> Add-ons in Firefox. You’ve this way to disable beefree from Firefox, without uninstalling it. When Beefree is installed, you can surf on the Internet like before and visit websites anonymously without search engines getting know about it.


How It Works ?

When the list of results is printed and the page is loaded, beefree will create a list within all the links from inside the webpage and will extract the target-link from each link. Hence done, beefree will remove the clickable link and will replace it with a safe link, pointing to the target page. This new created link will look like the original one with only a few differences: only the standard HTML tags of the link are represented and the javascript code inside the link is removed.

It gives you different information like
· Title - This shows the title of the selected link!
The text after Title is the original title of the selected link.
· Link - This says that beefree is enabled and has replaced the selected link, disabling all the javascripts on it.
The text after Link is the real target-link.
· Tracker – It shows the tracking server detected by BeeFree.
The text after Tracker contains the name of the detected tracking server.
· Trackers - If visible, it shows a chain of tracking servers!
The text after Trackers contains the names of all tracking servers detected.
· URL – This shows the original link beefree has replaced!
The text after URL is the old target-link

Please Note: This is an experimental addon, so in order to install this you will need to click the box which says let me install this experimental addon [ as shown in the image below ]


Install Beefree Addon For Firefox


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