Prevent Display Turn Off, Sleep Or Activating Screensaver

There are times when you are working on some computers simultaneously such that you cannot devote time to each and every computer, so you are not active on each computer for a longer time, and by default windows settings the monitor display goes off, sleeps to activates the screensaver after some minutes of inactivity.

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In such a case you can stop your display from sleeping, turning off  or activating the screensaver by using the free utility called Keep Display – it is simple utlity which you just need to simply run and it will stop your display to sleep, turn off or disable by itself after a time out period of inactivity.


Once you run this tool, it will display a small program window which can be minimised and as along as this window is being displayed it will not let the screensaver to start on your monitor or it will not even allow your monitor to go blank if you haven’t configured the screensaver.

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This application comes in portable version as well as a simple installer, the portable version of the program just take 1.6 MB of disk space and very low memory.

Download Keep Display Portable| Installer

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