Prevent Changes To Your Computer Settings In Your Absence With KidSafe

Did you ever had your desktop icons scrambled or your Word document deleted by a little kid or some computer settings changed like your wallpaper, new unwanted programs installed ? and you don’t want all this to happen then KidSafe is a free application which allows you to lock your computer so that young children are not able to mess up with your computer settings.

KidSafe will launch full screen window which will hide the entire desktop, Taskbar, etc. Because the window is blank, clicking it won’t have any effect. Small children, who generally enjoy clicking the mouse, can click all they like without damaging anything.


If the appropriate options are set, KidSafe can disable all of the system keys – the Windows key, a combination of the Windows key and any other key, Alt-Tab, Alt-Escape, Ctrl-Escape, and Ctrl-Alt-Delete. This can be very useful, especially if a small kid keeps accidentally opening the Start Menu and selecting items in it: just disable the Windows key and the Ctrl-Escape key combination, and No more Start Menu.

Here’s a list of the available options which you can disable with KidSafe:

Lock the Windows key: disables the Windows key (also known as the Start key) and all the key combinations that include it, such as Windows+R (runs a program), Windows+E (launches a new Explorer window), and Windows+M (minimizes all open windows).

Lock Ctrl-Escape: disables the Ctrl-Escape key combination. However, other key combinations including Ctrl or Escape, such as Alt-Escape or Ctrl-S, aren’t blocked.

Lock Alt-Escape: disables the Alt-Escape key combination. However, other key combinations including Alt or Escape, such as Alt-Enter or Ctrl-Escape, aren’t blocked.

Lock Alt-Tab: disables the Alt-Tab key combination. However, other key combinations including Alt or Tab, such as Alt-Escape or Ctrl-Tab, aren’t blocked.

Lock Task Manager: disables the Task Manager. This also disables any 3rd-party task managers, as long as they’ve replaced the default Windows Task Manager; 3rd-party task managers that haven’t replaced the Windows Task Manager won’t be blocked.

Prevent system shutdown: Prevents the system from being shut down, rebooted, etc. Some of your programs may be closed if a system shutdown is initiated; this is a limitation of Windows, not KidSafe, and KidSafe can’t stop this from happening. However, KidSafe can and will prevent the system from being shut down.

Place the KidSafe window on top of every other window: this will place – and keep – the KidSafe window on top of every other window. This includes the Start Menu and Alt-Tab dialog; in other words, setting this preference to true essentially includes blocking everything else (Ctrl-Escape, Alt-Escape, Alt-Tab, Task Manager, Windows key, etc.) as well.

Treat the "Unlock text" boxes like password-entry fields: this will hide the contents of the "unlock text" boxes behind a line of asterisks, instead of showing the contents in plain text. This can be really useful if you’re trying to stop a kid who’s old enough to read.

Note: It is portable application so you will need to run the program executable from the folder directly where you extracted it

Download KidSafe Portable


  1. computerfreaker says

    I’m the developer of KidSafe; I’d like to say thank you for featuring it!

    After several requests from users, we’ve moved KidSafe to Google Code. You can now find it at


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