Prevent Autorun.inf Virus Files Creation In Local Drives, USB Drives and Network Drives

We have already posted about a tool which can help you get rid of autorun virus which comes from pen drives, and also posted about some other tools like Smart Virus Remover, USBProtect and you can also read our guide on how to avoid autorun virus infection and in worst case, how to Copy Data From Virus Infected Pen Drive

Today, We came across another useful tool called Autorun Kicker which helps you protect your local hard drives, removable drives and network drives once you are running this tool on your computer, it is a small portable tool which keeps running in system tray.


It will alert you when ever any virus is trying to create the autorun virus files and block this action, you can even disable the complete autorun on your computer with this tool and optionally set it to run at windows startup so that it keeps running all the time and alert you about any virus activity.

Download Autorun Kicker

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