Post Updates On Google+ Stream Via SMS From Mobile Phone

Google Plus is a new social networking website, I still remember when Orkut started then everybody was so mad about it and when Facebook came into with simple and sober looks and organized data representation, people started going mad about it and then all of a sudden the whole crowd shifted from Orkut to Facebook. Now, when Google Plus has just arrived many users have started liking it and many of them say that it is nothing but the copy of Facebook. Everyone has its own point of view but it is for sure that everyone wants to try this and experiment their social networking life with this.


Google Plus, has got a feature which can be found in Facebook also, i.e. regarding getting the notification of the updates on your profile. Google send you the notification with a number +919222222222 and this number can be used to update your profile status on Google Plus. If you want to update your profile status on Google Plus and you do not have any internet connection on your mobile, then you can use the following steps to update your Google Plus profile.

Type your Profile update message and then send it to that same number, +919222222222. For example:- if you send a message “Updated via Mobile :)”, then it will appear as mentioned in the snapshot above.

By default that message update will be shared among the people who are in your circle, it will not public. But if you want to change the domain, then you can use the following keywords as mentioned below but then the syntax for updating the message will be:

“Your Status update Message @[specified domain]”. Now instead of ‘Specified Domain’, you can use Pulic to share it with every one internet, you can specify a particular e-mail address to share it with one of your friend, or you can put the name of the circle in which you want this to be shared. This feature has been enabled only for the users of US and India and more over the SMS charges will be nominal, as per your subscriber. That’s it; this is the way to update your profile status with the help of your mobile. If you face any problem, please feel free to approach us.

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