Post, Send Tweet On Twitter Via SMS [Global]

Twitter’s essence lies in its ability to send and receive tweets via SMS or text on mobile phones. Up till now, only the receiving of tweets update notification was free but sending a tweet to post update used to incur certain cost depending upon your mobile plan. But that’s only a history now because HeyWire, a service developed by MediaFriends that offers a free SMS service, is partnering with Twitter to offer a worldwide service, called HeyTweet, that allows users to send free tweets via mobile SMS.

So, what’s the catch with HeyTweets? It has the support to send and receive text messages or SMSes using the shortcode 40404. Most services that allow users to send free SMS, such as Google Voice, does not support sending and receiving of SMS via ‘short code’ i.e. a special phone number which normally used for value-added services that requires payment.

Normally, a user sending Tweets via SMS would incur charges from their carriers, even thought Twitter has negotiated lower carrier feed internationally. However, because HeyWire offers free international SMS, our users can tweet away all over the world, absolutely free of cost. The SMS text messages are delivered via Internet through Wi-Fi or 3G data connection.

Also, HeyTweets will support tweeting in all major languages and offers iPhone and iPad apps. The support for Android Smartphones and Tablets will follow soon.

So, all you need to do is text a Tweet to shortcode 40404 from your Heywire phone number, and boom, you’ve just tweeted. Isn’t it great?

How To Activate The Service ?

The procedure is simple. Just configure the personal private real dedicated phone number in the Twitter’s Mobile Settings, and then follow the instruction to send a verification text to Twitter short number at 40404. Subsequently, any tweets or updates to be posted can be sent from HeyWire to 40404 for free.

However, there’s one thing that’s not so great about this service. It is still only available through apps for iOS devices, leaving out Android and feature phone users. Particularly if it looking forward to address a global community, it must focus on to use other feature phones that would boost HeyTweet’s service.

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