Post On Twitter From Facebook Profile [Selective Updates]

Recently one of my friend who created a new twitter id now he wants to post on twitter from facebook, but again he don’t want all the facebook updates from his facebook profile to be posted to twitter but only some updates he wants to be replicated on twitter.

post on twitter from facebook

As both facebook and twitter these days are getting popular so people who spend time online want to be active on both of these platforms and but at the same time if they want to post the same update both on facebook and twitter, they normally don’t like to do it one more time, in such cases you will need to make these platforms sync with each other for the updates cross posting.

However there is a way with which you could post some of your selective tweets on facebook which you want to, by using a app called selective tweets but other way round is little different as there are not many apps available on facebook which lets you post selective updates from your facebook profile to twitter, however if you ready to post all facebook status updates, videos and links etc to twitter there is a app which says post on twitter from facebook its named Fbtotweet

This app on facebook will let you post all the updates from facebook to twitter, but it will not happen instantly could take up to 30 minutes when the app service servers are heavily loaded. It will automatically upload your pictures via yFrog and shorten your shared links via – you can also disable these options for your Facebook account and for any of your facebook fan pages that your syncing.

Another way to post only some updates from facebook to twitter can be done through official facebook way of linking to twitter. As facebook now allows your facebook profile to link to twitter – in order to link to go to and click Link My Profile to Twitter as shown in the image below.

post from facbook to twitter

In case you are looking for way to connect facebook pages to twitter, you can read the extensive guide here on how to do that or with the same link above you can also link facebook fan pages updates to get posted automatically on your twitter profile.

Once you click to connect the twitter profile with facebook, it will take you to twitter to authorize facebook to link to twitter.

link facebook to twitter

Once the connection is done, you can decide what to post from facebook and what not to as shown in the image below.

things you can post from facebook to twitter

But the most important thing is that, if you have made your facebook profile updates available to friends only then in order to post an update on twitter from facebook you will need to make the update public when you post it from facebook.

facebook public update

Below is an example update, I posted from facebook to twitter as shown in the image below.

posted update from facebook to twitter

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