Post From Google+ Update Box To Facebook Wall or Twitter Timeline Directly

Google has recently launched google+, since then people are trying to find ways to post update from google+ to facebook and twitter as directly it does not allow you post an update on twitter or facebook nor there is any app on google+ which can do the same, however there was a google chrome extension which allowed to share a update on google+ to facebook or twitter.

Lifehacker has just posted about how can you post an update directly from google+ post update box, this method does not require any extension or browser addon and works across any web browser. In order to do this you will first need to generate a mobile email address for both facebook and twitter. Facebook allows you to generate a unique email address which you can use to post updates on your facebook wall via email.


First we will tell you how to update on facebook from google+ update box, follow the procedure below.

Post On Facebook Profile Using Google+

1. Login to facebook and then go to this page here

2. On this page, in the left bottom section you will find the personalized upload email to post status updates or send photos and videos straight to your profile. It will be written as Your personal email is: as shown as blurred in the screenshot below.

facebook mobile email address

3. Once you have the email address, go to google+ and login with your google account username and password and then go to status update box and the type message which you want to post on facebook and then also type the facebook mobile email address which you have got in the previous step as shown in the image below.

7-8-2011 2-19-34 AM

You can also create circles using the email address for facebook and twitter separately and then include these circles in those updates on google+ which you want to post on facebook as shown in the image below.

7-8-2011 2-27-32 AM

Now for those who are wondering how can you post on their twitter timeline using google+ update box, they can do it via free service which allows you to generate a email address which you can use and mail updates on that email id associated to your twitter id to post your updates on twitter via this free service called Twittermail.

Post On Twitter Timeline From Google+

You can read the step by step guide at on how to update from google+ to twitter here, below is a screenshot of the same on how it can be easily done like we explained for facebook.

7-8-2011 2-45-05 AM

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