Post Certain Selective Tweets From Twitter To Facebook Profile Wall Page

Twitter and facebook are two such most popular webservices on internet these days, many people use both facebook and twitter both, in such cases there are people who would like to connect your facebook account with twitter so that they can post the same update on both twitter and facebook as the same time.

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But posting every tweet of yours on your facebook could be really annoying for your facebook friends.

Many people don’t want to post every tweet from their twitter account as facebook wall updates. In order to solve this issue, there is a free app on facebook which allows you connect your facebook account with twitter account with a condition that only the tweets you choose or want to be posted to facebook will get posted on your facebook profile wall.

This free app on facebook is called Selective Tweets, it works on the logic of all the tweets which you end with #fb will get posted on your facebook wall.

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Key Features Of Selective Tweets

Only for the tweets you choose.
End a tweet with #fb when you want it to update your Facebook status from Twitter – simple.
- Avoid confusing your Facebook friends
- Don’t swamp your profile with too many updates
- Leave certain updates on Facebook for longer
Now also works with Fan Pages – not just personal profiles! This app is one of the few ways to sync from Twitter to a FB fan page.
Note: It doesn’t work if your Twitter updates are PROTECTED. There’s usually a minute or two delay (no more) – be patient when you first try it ;)

Go to the app dedicated facebook page to install this app on your facebook profile


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