Post A Long Tweet With More Than 140 Chars As Multiple Series Tweets On Twitter

There are times when you would like to post a tweet on twitter with more than 140 chars as every time 140 chars to express what you want to say is not enough, in such cases you can try using several third party services like Twitlonger, Twishort etc. But these services will add a link to your tweet after the number of characters are exceeded and in order to read the tweet completely you will need to click the link, which will open a new page on the these websites where you can read the complete tweet.

Similarly, you can do the same by using your google buzz account to tweet with more than 140 characters but you should be using tweetdeck twitter client for that, you can read our guide here we posted before. 

Amit Aggarwal of came up with a new tool called Tall Tweets which lets you post a long tweet into multiple smaller tweets of 140 characters or less, and publishes them all to Twitter in one shot. The tweets are numbered and are sent in a reverse arrangement such that they can be read from top-to-down inside any Twitter client.

We tested this tool on our twitter id, it worked perfectly fine, here the some pictures to show how it tweeted a long message. Follow the same procedure to do it for your twitter account.

1. Go to, allow it to access your twitter account by following the on screen instructions, once you have verified and allowed the connection type your long tweet as shown in the image below.

11-3-2010 1-33-14 AM

2. Now click Post Tweet button, now it will show you how it split and posted it on your twitter timeline

11-3-2010 1-33-40 AM 

3. That’s it done.

You can confirm that the tweet has been posted on twitter timeline, just like we did as shown in the image below.

11-3-2010 1-34-49 AM

Check out Tall Tweets

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