Portable Hide Directory, Add Password To Folder Tool For Windows 7 & Later

Everyone has important and private files on their computer but their pc might not necessarily be ‘personal’. It is not uncommon for people to be sharing a single computer with other people. In such a situation it becomes difficult and in fact impossible for that matter, for people to maintain personal files but there’s no need to worry anymore as the HiddenDIR is here at their rescue.

HiddenDIR is a portable tool using which you can hide important personal data and protect it from being accessed by other people who are sharing your computer in just a few moves. you can password protect your documents using the HiddenDIR application so only you can unhide the folders and open them as and when you feel like. using this application,it is possible to hide sensitive data  from not only unwanted access but also by accidental  deletion and alteration by others.

if your computer in your office is being shared by colleagues and you are facing problems regarding the protection of any documents,then you can easily hide them in a usb or some other portable device using HiddenDIR and your documents will then be at (only) your beck and call.

Using the application is extremely simple and convenient for anyone and everyone with the easy to use user interface.

To start with, you need to launch the HiddenDIR and then create a new password. Make sure it is easy for you to remember and difficult for others to guess. If you forget your password,you wont be able to unhide your files later.


Next, click on the ‘hide’ button and a list off all your folders will appear in front of you. You can now select the folders you are wishful of keeping hidden. The selected folders will spontaneously become invisible as soon as they are selected.


Now that your files have been hidden you could be carefree about the privacy of your files. And when the need to unhide them arises, You just have to launch HiddenDIR, enter your password and select the files that you want to unhide, doing this immediately makes the selected files visible again.


so now you can freely share your computer with your family friends and colleagues without being concerned about the safety of your files and documents.


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