Portable Email Client – Just Another E-Mail Tool

Just another e-mail Tool is a simple email client designed to enable you to submit an unlimited number of POP3 servers to check your e-mail. This portable email client is much faster to erase spam messages and easier to use without any complex options.


Here is how you can setup an account in Just Another Email Tool


Some Key Features JaMT – Just another E-Mail Tool

· It works from a USB stick
· Delete e-mails directly on the server.
· Any number of accounts.
· Can provide you with "QuickView" fast access to your e-mail.
· Displays HTML mail on request as an HTML or text.
· Supports proxies and firewalls.
· Has a word filter (Black-and whitelist. – … Speaks German and English.
· Will help you save money.
· Protects your Wallet.

Download JaMT – Just another E-Mail Tool

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