Play YouTube Videos On Mac OS X Desktop Screen

YouTube is a harbor for millions of videos, most of which are free to view around the world. You can view videos uploaded by other users, studios, production companies, freelance artists. As such, it is a great source of free entertainment for people around the world. However, a limitation to YouTube is the web browser. You need to open a browser if you just want to watch a video. Moreover, video pages are often cluttered with ads, and other (sometimes unwanted) content such as related videos, sponsored links and user comments.

An easy and convenient way to enjoy YouTube videos right from your Mac OS X desktop is a freeware app called Tubbler. Tubbler is a lightweight and minimal YouTube player, which mimics the look and feel of MPlayer OS X Extended and QuickTime. This makes it feel like a native app on your desktop, however I don’t like the protruding traffic light buttons on the top left as they feel out of place.

Playing videos is really simple: all you have to do is drag and drop the YouTube video URLs onto the Tubbler window. Tubbler automatically resolves the video URL and starts buffering the video.


Another great feature of Tubblr is that you can append multiple videos in a queue to form a playlist. That way, videos will play one after the other without any pause or interruption, and in the order that you placed them in the playlist. You can easily change the order of videos by dragging them around or by swipe gestures if you have a MacBook that has a multi-touch trackpad.

On-Screen Controls

Similar to QuickTime for Mac, a bar with quick access to controls is available at all times while watching a video. Controls such as play, pause, next, previous, seek, volume, full screen toggle, playlist, repeat are available. The control bar disappears if you keep your mouse still for a few seconds and reappears if the cursor is moved.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The best part about Tubbler however is that you can control your YouTube video with your keyboard, with standard keyboard shortcuts available for almost every possible action.

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