Play Windows MS-DOS Command Games On Mac OS X

Like most other Mac users, long before I ever used a Mac, I was a PC user, and a fundamental part of using a PC used to be playing DOS-based games such as Wolf 3D, Duke Nukem, Aladdin and Sim City.

DOS games were known for their gameplay, something that is usually missing from games these days which focus largely on graphics and feel. This is the reason why these games have a fan following till this date. There are tools and emulators in the market such as DOSBox, which allow people to play their favorite DOS games on their computers.

For Mac users, probably the easiest way to enjoy all your favorite games from the 90s is Boxer. Boxer is a free app for Mac OS X, based on DOSBox, heavily customized for DOS games.

Installing Boxer is the same as installing any other Mac OS X app. Download the .dmg file from the link given below, mount the DMG by double clicking on it, and subsequently drag and drop the file to your Applications folder.

The first thing you’ll notice when you launch Boxer is that it is an extremely well-designed app, which is unexpected from an app that is meant for running old games. It looks like a premium OS X app, and the level of detail that has gone into the design is comparable to an Apple-designed app such as Garage Band.

Boxer is actually a collection of 3 different apps-

  1. Games Library: This is the folder that stores all of your games, and is your launch center for any game that you want to play. Boxer comes bundled with 3 free games, which you can enjoy.
  2. Game Importer: Before you can start playing your games, you must import the .exe files into your library. The Game Importer converts your .exe file to a .boxer file (which is compatible with Boxer) and places it in your games library. You can get your favorite games from websites such as RGB Classic Games.
  3. DOS Prompt: This is a DOS prompt just like the cmd.exe app on Windows, and allows you to install or run other applications just like DOS.

Overall, for the DOS-game-lover-turned-Mac-user, this is a wish come true.

Download Boxer

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