Play Songs On Google Music Without Visiting Website From Windows Desktop

Listening music and downloading songs from the web has become one of the most common and one of the most popular activities for the users of different age-groups. But everyone has his/her own choice of songs and want to have their favourite collection always with the, no natter wherever they go. For this, Google has recently launched one of its new web service known as Google Music which allows the user to access and listen to their favourite music irrespective of the location where the users are.

Google Music is basically a web music player which allows the user to add one’s own song collection from the desktop manager. But if the user wants to play these selected songs, then there is a need to open Google Music from the web browser or the mobile phone. In order to play these songs from one’s desktop, Google has launched one of its small and pretty useful utility named as Google Music Player.

It is basically a simple and small desktop player which has been specially designed for Google Music and it allows the user to play songs directly from its interface. Along with this feature of playing songs, this smart utility comes up with many more additional features like minimized player, system tray management etc which makes the job lot easier and useful for the users.


Google Music Player, very much similar to most of the services provided by Google, is basically an open source desktop player which also lets you to navigate between tracks without having to bring up Google Music webpage on front and it allows you o manage all the functionalities through its good looking interface. Some of the more functionality that are offered by this utility are Google Music Web UI to shuffle track listings, rate tracks, view tracks by genre, artist, etc and many more.


In order to use it, you may simply download the available version of the utility from the link given below. After launching the application, you may observe that the application works from system tray. Although, by default, the mini player is always hidden and you can see it only from system tray menu. You will need to login through your Google account and after logging in with your Google account credentials, you may enable the option Show Miniplayer When Hidden which is available in the system tray menu.


On minimizing the web interface of the music player, you may observe that it will show a small player on the desktop. It can be further placed at any corner of the desktop’s screen. It provides the access to open the Google Music website by double-clicking on its system menu icon present there. So, just try it out by downloading it from the below given link.

Download GMusic

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