Play, Pause, Stop or Quit Winamp When You Lock/Unlock Windows Computer

Normally in widows when you lock your computer while winamp is still playing, after some time when another user logged in to the same computer without logging off your the current logged into your computer. So, you cannot play any media files in winamp without knowing his login password, or make the other user to log off the user with task manager or kill the winamp process through task manager. Previously we have written about how to Control Winamp From Your iPhone, preserve winamp playlist etc. 


Any of the above option are some thing you should not do, as it might disturb the other user who is logged in before you, here is a free plugin for winamp which provide support for user switching in windows.

You can choose from various actions which should be executed when you lock/unlock your computer or when another user logs in.

The available actions are:

  • Play
  • Play next song
  • Pause
  • Stop
  • Stop with fadeout
  • Stop after current
  • Quit Winamp
  • Do nothing

The plug-in lets you define a delay (up to 60 seconds) for most of these actions, it runs on windows xp and later operating system as instructed by the developer but I have just tested on vista. It is is compatible with Winamp 2 and Winamp 5.

Download UserSwitchingSupport For Winamp


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