Play or Run PowerPoint Presentation As Screensaver In Windows

You may want a presentation comprising of thoughts or specific message to be conveyed to your employees in your office, and you worked hard to create a powerpoint presentation for the same. Now you want all your computer to run that powerpoint presentation as screensaver across all the computers in your office.

MessagePoint is a free to use software which allows you to display a powerpoint presentation as windows screensaver, at any point of time you can update the content in powerpoint and it will be dynamically reflected.

What You With This MessagePoint ?

  • Use this software as your information channel on each computer in your company.
  • Inform your coworkers with news and announcements by simply using a PowerPoint presentation as screen saver.

How To Set PowerPoint PPT As Screensaver

Install MessagePoint and the go to screensaver settings and select the Message Point screensaver from the select screensaver dropdown as shown in the image below.


Now click Settings button to specify the path to the powerpoint presentation file which you like to see as a screensaver.


Now locate the presentation and then click ok, This is how you can easily set any powerpoint presentation as screensaver.

However there is another method too to set a powerpoint presentation as screensaver like converting powerpoint presentation in series of images by following this lengthy tutorial by Microsoft office team.

Download MessagePoint

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