Play Movies, Videos, Music Of Any Video Format On Mac OS X With MPlayerX

A lot of people from the Mac community never bother to try out any media players other than QuickTime, the media player from Apple that comes pre-installed on Mac OS X.

MPlayerX is an open source media player for Mac OS X based on mplayer and ffmpeg-mt. With its minimal and beautiful design (inspired by QuickTime X), and the power of ffmpeg, MPlayerX is the ultimate media solution for OS X.

MPlayerX has support a very vast variety of video formats, and also all types of exotic codecs. This is a direct result of the ffmpeg decoding engine backing it up. If you’ve ever used a Linux based distro, any format supported by an ffmpeg based player will work with MPlayerX.

MPlayerX also handles Full HD video (1080p) with finesse. Compressed MKV video plays smoothly without any stutter, and uses minimal CPU.

A great feature of MPlayerX (which is lacking in most other players in the market) is support for multi-touch gestures. All new generation MacBooks and MacBook Pros come with a multi-touch trackpad, and with products like the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad, multi-touch gestures have become very popular in the Mac community. You can use common gestures to control the player, and perform tasks such as play, pause, next, previous etc.

Minimal Design
On first look, you will notice that the design of the player is inspired by QuickTime X. Its very minimal, the titlebar has been removed, and all the player controls are displayed in a floating display inside the video area. It stays only for a short duration when you move the mouse, and if you do not move the mouse for a while, both the title bar and controls disappear.

Apart from these features, MPlayerX also packs support for multiple screens, and support for being controlled via the Apple Remote.

A little something that I’d like to mention: if you close the player in between a video or a movie, MPlayer remembers where you left off, and the next time you open it, it resumes playback from where it left off. Features like these make the experience count.

Download MPlayerX from Mac App Store

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