Play Carrom Game On iPad With CarromMP

Yes you can now play the old gold carrom game on ipad, this is one reason I love ipad due to the great ecosystem of developers around it and great apps like this coming from different developers. Geodesic has recently developed an application specifically for the iPad called CarromMP. Carom MP is a multiplayer tabletop game which can be played solo, one-on-one or doubles. The game features real-life physics movements, complete control over direction and power and a scoring system that lets one play hours of gameplay.


Carrom is a popular game in India and Asia, Carrom is now gaining popularity in the U.S., Europe and South America with larger tournaments and competitions, bigger prizes, and several clubs. The application has been created to hone the player’s skills, determination and practice. Carrom MP was uploaded to the iTunes Store on June 1st, 2011 and is already the number 1 app on the Indian Appstore as well as in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia in the Free Apps section in Gaming and overall category (in some cases), now it has become paid app for just 0.99$ which is totally justified.

Below are the instructions on how to play the game, which looks really simple to understand just one time you read them.


One, two or maximum four players can play this carrom game on ipad, just like the physical original carrom game which you play on the wooden card board.


It will also give you the entire idea about the path the striker will take during a shot as shown in the image below.


We would like to conclude that this app really provides a great experience on ipad while playing the game, it could remember those old days of my childhood when I used to play the carrom with my brother and cousins.

[ Our Rating – 4/5 ]

Install the CarromMP app from this link, this is app is designed for the ipad and cost 0.99$

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