Play Broken AVI Files In Fix Player

Fix Player is a free media player to use program which lets you fix and repair the broken AVI files which gets refused to play in the media players and play them, Most of the media players does not allow to play broken AVI files. Previously we have also written about another utility called DivFix++ to repair and fix avi files

However VLC Player allows you to fix the broken AVI to play them, but still you might not be able to forward the movie in between if it plays the broken AVI Files.


Mainly following some key features of this program

  • you can repair broken AVI files;
  • play partly download media files.
  • download part of the file from internet, and preview it to decide if you want download file completely;
  • repair file from the broken CD or DVD disk.
  • You can repair the AVI in the following cases

    Video file have not completely copied from CD, DVD or other source, Video freezed when playing, Video can’t be played

    Download Fix Player to play corrupted AVI files and videos

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