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Do you use special tools to download videos from You Tube? Do you use tools to convert you videos and audios to your cell phone format or any other format? Do you even use tools to burn these audios, videos and much more stuff to your CD’s/DVD’s? Definitely for performing every feature you requires a special tool but what if you can do all these things with only one tool.

Today we are going to tell you about a very exciting tool named Free Studio. This is a new product from and best part is that every feature of this tool is absolutely free and that too free from bugs of any trial or limited conversions. This tool can itself perform most of your daily requirements like downloading videos from you tube, converting any video or audio in other formats, burning CD/DVD and much more.

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So at the main window, four options are available. The basic functions of every option is described below.

1. Internet :- This option will let you download any of your favourite You Tube video or even covert You Tube videos to various other formats directly. You can even upload videos to You tube or even to any other site from this link. There are also two options available to convert any audio or video to Flash Convertor.

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Let me explain one of its feature i.e Free YouTube to iPhone Convertor. Now when you click on this option, you will see the following window.

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So first you will need to copy URL address of your desired YouTube video in the Input URL’s box and then you can choose the location for output if you don’t want to save at default location. Next in devices, it will automatically show you Apple iPhone and from the Pre-sets you can choose the quality of audio. When you are done with all the options, just click on Download and then this tool will temporary download that particular you tube video and then convert it to iPhone format of desired bit rate and eventually will save it to desired location.

In this way, you can even perform all other functions.

2. DVD & Video :- This option will let you convert any video to many other video and audio formats and even in formats supported by your cell phones. The various sub-features of this options is as follows.

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Here also I will tell you an example of Free 3GP Video Convertor. When you click on this option you will see the following window.

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Now from this window, first click on Add files and then choose all those files which you want to convert in 3GP form. You can add complete folder and then remove some of undesired videos from this tool’s window only. Next choose a desired Output Name and location where you want to save that particular video. Here also you are given option to choose bit rate, frame rate, frequency and much other options. Once you are done with all, click on Convert to convert your videos and then this tool will automatically save them in 3GP format to desired location.

Similarly, here also you can perform all other features.

3. MP3 & Audio :- This option will let you convert your favourite MP3 songs to any other format. The various options given under this are as follow.

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Here also you will need to follow same steps as I have already explained for Video Conversion, to convert any MP3 song to desired format. The various formats available for conversion are MP3, M4A, AAC, WAV, WMA, OGG, FLAC and APE. Here also decide output format, name, location and audio quality and then click on convert.

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Similarly you can use all other options.

4. CD/DVD/BD :- This option will allow you to burn any data to your CD/DVD. There are also options available to convert complete CD/DVD in other audio or video formats. The option available here are as follow.

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Here also I am explaining feature Free Disk Burner. You will see the following window when you click on this option.

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So here you will first need to choose the category that is whether you are using CD/DVD. Then you can add files, folders and even images by click on respective buttons given at top. At bottom, this tool will show the space status of you CD/DVD i.e amount of space left. Once you are complete with adding all the data, just click on Burn to burn that particular data to CD/DVD.

In nutshell, this is a very handy tool which is integrated with so many features. It is absolutely free and its graphical interface is very simple and awesome.

The size of Free Studio is 41.8 Mb and still it not not take much time to get installed. As usual it will create a desktop shortcut from where you can access it. This freeware is compatible with all the versions of Windows and has been tested successfully on Windows 7 Ultimate-32 bit edition.

Download Free Studio

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