Play Angry Birds Game In Windows, Linux Or Mac OS Without Installing In Internet Browser

Great news for all the angry birds fan out there, now you can play angry birds game for free on almost any computer irrespective of any operating system including mac os, windows or linux you are running on your machine.  Previously angry birds was available on almost most the mobile phone platforms operating system including ios, symbian and android based phones. Now you can play angry birds in any internet browser on your computer including Firefox, Internet Explorer ( any version ) or on google chrome as well using the official google chrome extension for angry birds.


There is no software download required to be able to run this game on your computer in your internet browser, you just need go to to play this game right away. In case you notice slow game in your browser you can run the standard version of the game at and for those who are running this game on a good graphic performance computer with good speed internet connection can play the high definition version of the game which is very good in displaying.


If you want to know why angry birds are so angry want to destory all green pigs and you can watch the video below to know.

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