Place, Pin Big Tiles Of Folder On Desktop Wallpaper In Windows

Today we will be telling you about a smart method of putting the shortcuts to certain system folders on the system. Usually you might have large number of icons on your desktop for all the tools and other applications and thus it becomes little bit difficult to access some of the important folders out of them, accurately. So, if you have certain system folders which are to accessed again and again then I have a nice tool for you named as AeroTile, which will create the transparent tiles of those system folders, they will be huge as compared to the other icons on your desktop.


In this post I will tell you that how you can use this tool, as these large tiles of any folders will ease their visibility and thus easing their access. You can see the screenshot of the mentioned above. Before going further let me tell you that all the folder locations which are mentioned can be accessed using this tool, you cannot add any other custom location or a folder in which you have kept all the important tools to be used. But still it has got huge list of important locations on your system.


Once you check the boxes in the tool, you will see the tiles created on the desktop, if you want to make any changes like, if you want to delete any of the current tiles and add any other, then you will just have to close the existing tile and then add the tile in the similar as discussed above. The other constraint with the tool is that it will not remain as permanent for ever on your desktop, once you turn off your system and then turn it ‘ON’, you will find that all the icons have vanished and then again you will have to put all the tiles back.

The link to download the tools has been mentioned at the end of the post. The size of this tool is around 2MB, the interface is very simple to work on. this tool has been tested on the latest version Windows, i.e. Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate, so it is expected that it will run on all the previous version of Windows. If you face any issue while using this tool then please let us know, just put them in the comments section.

Download Aerolite

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