Place Local Weather, Uptime, Search & More Widgets On Windows Desktop

Windows desktop customization has been a common activity for casual users. Some of these users want frequent changes in the look and feel of their desktop. For this, various new software are being developed regularly which comes with large number of features for the users in order to customize their desktop. Although, there are various popular desktop customization software available in the market and also on the web but surely, Rainmeter and Stardock Fences are the two most popular desktop customization software used so far according to the stats on the Internet.

These utilities comes with large number of options for the users for instance we can consider Rainmeter as an example where we can get thousands of awesome skins that make it one of the most popular desktop customization software. Similar to such utility, but still with many more advanced features, we present you another software which is unique and distinct as compared to others of its kind.


XWidget is basically a small, easy to use, useful and a freely available desktop customization software which has been developed especially for Windows based users and it works with almost every version of Windows OS. This particular software adds large number of Mac OS X style widgets to your desktop, thus giving it a new feel and look as compared to normal Windows look.

You may easily download the utility from the link given below and in few simple steps it can be easily installed in your system. Along with the above mentioned features, you may observe that XWidget allows you to edit and customize your own widgets and that only in few mouse clicks. Either you can create your own widgets but if you are not able to do so then it also allows you to download new widgets from the official gallery, which features over 200 nice widgets submitted by users and may prove to be a real help.


First time as you run tis software, you may see various default widgets at the bottom of the desktop which can be used directly. For using them, you need to simply drag those widgets to the desktop area to enable them. After this, you may simply close the widget bar to see the taskbar. A simple right-click on any of these widget will bring all the options such as to hide, edit, configure, or to close that particular widget itself.

Overall we can say that XWidget is a nice little utility which is very light on system resources and can be used easily by the users. So, if you are looking for a free program to enhance your desktop, do give it a try by downloading it from the link given below.

Download XWidget

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