Pin, Unpin Apps, Applications On Windows 8 Start Screen

Windows 8 developer preview has been out for public beta testing, the most liked feature of windows 8 is the start screen which you see the first when you login in windows 8, as most the programs and applications can be accessed from start screen directly.

Many users who has just started testing windows 8 asked us one most common question on how to unpin or pin new or old apps on windows 8 start screen, follow the procedure below to know how to do it in windows 8.

1. Once you are logged in windows 8, press Windows Key + W to open search and make sure to select apps for searching, then you will see list of all the apps installed as shown in the image below.

pin unpin apps on windows 8 start screen

2. Locate and right click on the app which you want to pin or unpin, you will see the option to pin or unpin depending whether that app is already pinned on start screen as shown in the image below.

un pin metro app on start screen

pin metro app on start screen

Click on the pin or unpin icons add or remove apps from start screen in windows 8

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