Pin Recycle Bin In Windows 7 Taskbar In System Tray With MiniBin

Recycle Bin is off course one of the most important utility in every computer system. Anything which is deleted goes into recycle bin, which later can be retrieved back if required or simply one may even empty the recycle bin as per the requirements. But, nowadays no one wants to keep its shortcut on desktop as it consumes space, so today we are going to discuss a similar utility which operates from system tray and saves lot of space for the users.

MiniBin is basically a small, easy to use, useful and a freely available application which has been developed in order to give an additional option for users other than Recycle Bin. It is basically a trash bin for your system tray, to be more accurate. As we all know, that the Recycle Bin can end up consuming a lot of space in your system and especially for those people who may have less disk space left in their primary drive e.g. C drive may get repeated prompts of low disk space and they need to delete some data. Although, today we have hard drives with large capacity but if the case is similar to one mentioned above then, it can really be quite annoying to minimize all windows to reach your desktop continually for emptying the Recycle Bin as it may frustrate the user. So, in such cases this utility named as MiniBin can prove to be handy as mentioned especially for those people who may wish to avoid this inconvenience or the ones who hide the trash bin from the desktop.


This utility can be easily downloaded and installed from the link given below. After installing it in your system, you may observe that you can also benefit from it if you’re using a replacement shell which provides a system tray, but no useable trashbin. So, in such cases you may use it and you can empty trash, view trash size and rename Recycle Bin functions according to your needs and requirements.

As already mentioned, it operates from system tray and from system tray icon, you may use the right-click context menu, for opening the Recycle Bin, you may empty trash, exit MiniBin and Configure settings as said all based on your needs and requirements.


Now, if you want to simply check the size of the Recycle Bin, then instead of opening it you just need to hover your mouse over the MiniBin icon and it will show you the size. It provides you the feature from where you can enable emptying the trash and that too with just a double click. You may also set a prompt before deleting trash, play sound when Recycle Bin is emptied, and enable progress view for the deleted trash from Configurations again according to the needs.

So, overall it’s a nice utility which works with most of the versions of Windows OS. So, interested users may download it from the link given below.

Download MiniBin


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