Pictures As Thumbnails Over a Folder As Folder Cover

It is a proven fact that visualizing is easier than reading in all the situations. Considering this fact, the icons for the applications are chosen very carefully so that the application can be recognized with just a look of its icon. Likewise, you can also set images for the folder cover for easy recognition.

But, setting an individual image for each folder manually is very difficult and time consuming task. In solution to this, there is a utility called Set-as-a-cover with the help of which you can do this work within a few minutes.

Set as a cover is a simple registry hack which when installed will add an option in the explorer right-click menu and allow us to set jpg images as folder cover. It is compatible with Windows 7, vista and xp.

It will be downloaded in the zip folder so, you have to extract the application before installing. Since, it is a registry hack so, when you will install it, it will show this warning message. Neglecting it, you just have to select ‘Yes’.


After that it will add ‘Set as a cover’ option in the right-click menu of a jpeg image. With this option, you can not only set one image as folder cover instead multiple images as different folder covers in one go. This feature makes it a unique application.

For example, i have three song folders in the ‘NEW SONGS’ and i want to set images present in the song folders as their respective cover for my convenience. Then, for doing this, i will have to follow these simple steps:

1. Search the .jpg files in the folder which is ‘NEW SONGS’ for this example. This search will show all the jpg images present in this folder or its sub-folders like this.


2. Now, for making these images as their respective folder cover, just select all the images and open right-click menu and select ‘Set as a cover’ option.


3. Now, just wait for a few seconds and your job is done. Now, your folders will appear with the cover of these images just like this.


Download Set-as-Cover.Zip

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