Picasa Independent Album Exporter – Download Photos and Album From Picasa Web Albums

Picasa Independent Album Exporter is a free tool which lets you export all the pictures from any Picasa web album with a preserved desired picture size and dimensions.


You can download all the pictures for the web album in three simple steps, given below

1. Point out the web album in your picasa web album

2. Choose the destination directory where you want the pictures to be downloaded

3. You can choose the default naming convention for the images to be downloaded from your picasa web albums

Download Picasa Independent Album Exporter


  1. Kumar says

    This does not work unles you have Picassa installed. This is the error message which I have received:

    C:\Documents and Settings\Kumar\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Picasa2Albums
    was not found. It looks like Google Picasa is not installed…”

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