Picasa Grabber Allows You To Download, Save All Images From Picasa Web Album

Nowadays it feel best to upload the images on cloud drives like one of the drives given to use by Google to save all the images is Google Picasa. You can securely place your images over there and then even if your hard disk crashes then you will have your photographs saved there. But today we will be telling you about a small freeware with the help of which you can download all the images over your Picasa album and it is most simple tool to use. In this post we will tell you that how you can use that tool.


As you can see in the screenshot that there are only to fields which are supposed to be filled to download all the images on your Google Picasa. In the first field you will have to enter the URL of the album, which can be retrieved once you enter the album manually and then provide the RSS Feed of that album and then in the second field you will have to give the destination of the output folder in which all the files will be saved.

In the screenshot you can see that it is a very easy tool to use and moreover as expected its size is also very slow, around 15KB, which is literally nothing. The link to download this toll has been mentioned below, at the bottom of the post. Once you click Go! Button, a new window will appear telling you about the download status of all the uploaded photographs and once the downloading completes it will automatically disappear.

This tool has been tested on the latest version of Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate, so it is expected that it will work on all the version of Windows. You can put the comments if you face any issue while using the tool, let me tell you again that this tool will only work for Picasa, it will not work for any other URL, though it will not show any error message but it will also not download the images, as you will see that the download window will remain at 0 percent.

Download Picasa grabber

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