Permanent Erase or Completely Delete Facebook Account

Recently we posted a guide which would allow you to deactivate facebook account, after you deactivate you will still be getting the emails for friend request and notifications and  if you login to your facebook account by mistake anytime after deactivating it will automatically get activated.

So, in order to completely to a permanent delete of facebook account, you would need to take a different approach, follow the steps below one by one to completely erase facebook account.

In order to delete the facebook account, you first need to login in facebook

1. Once you are logged in facebook, go to this link

2. You will see page asking you to confirm whether you want to delete your facebook account completely – click Submit to confirm it


3. Now you will need to enter the password of your facebook account again, type the security check words and click Okay


4. Now you will see the message which tell you that your facebook account will be deleted in next 14 days – and you can also cancel the account delete request by logging in facebook again and then once you confirm by clicking Okay you will be logged out automatically.


[ Source – Facebook Account Delete Group ]


  1. Tom says

    Hello there

    When you enter the Security check words you are saying to enter them “security check words without any space”

    But the picture asks to enter them with space

    Just a clarification. Thats all

  2. owais says

    how can i know whether my friends facebook account is deleted or deactivated.she says she no longer uses facebook.i searched in search engine also bt couldnt c her in facebook…plz help.hw can i confirm it.

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