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You may get bored seeing only one wallpaper each time you switch to your desktop window and you may not have time to change your wallpaper frequently or find it a boring task to search for a wallpaper and then change it, then you can use a tool named WallpaperManager to ease all your jobs.

As the name suggest, WallpaperManager is a tool which can manage your desktop wallpapers. You just need to install this tool and then save any number of wallpapers in sets and then give the amount of time after which you want to change your wallpapers. This tool will then automatically change your wallpapers after desired time interval.

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This is how the window opens when you run this tool. Now if you want to create a new set of wallpapers then go to Sets which is on the top left corner and then click on New Set.Then it will ask you to enter the name of the set. You can name a set anything of your choice. Like you can see below that I have created a set named Nature.

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Now when you press ok the set will be created. Now you can add number of wallpapers in this set. You can add wallpapers by right click on the empty area and then click on add option.

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After this a new window will open. Now you just go to the location where you have saved your wallpapers and from that location select the wallpapers which you want to include in this set. You can also perform this task by simply “drag and drop”  images in this tool window after creating a set. Similarly you can make any number of sets and name each set accordingly. This tool has an integrated feature that it checks for duplicity of your wallpapers each time you insert a new wallpaper.

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You can see a option under “Automatically change wallpaper?”. In this box you can fill the amount of time after which you want this tool to change your desktop wallpaper. That time counter can be in Minutes, Hours or Days. After entering the time period click on timer on the top of your screen.

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Then click on Start timer or you can press shortcut key F12 and after this the window will get minimized in the bottom right corner of your taskbar. A countdown timer will now automatically start. This tool will now automatically change your wallpaper after elapsing of the time interval which you have entered. You can also make any of your set as default set and when you open this tool and click on Default Set which is located on top right corner of this tool, this tool will automatically select your default set.

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The options which you can see on the top menu of this tool performs the following task. Sets option allows you to create,delete,change set or make a set as default set. Wallpaper option allows you to see the properties of your wallpapers or to add ,delete a wallpaper from your set. Sort will help you to sort the wallpapers in your set according to their size, name, modified date etc. View will help to adjust the display properties of your wallpapers. Timer will allow you to start this tool and after pressing on start timer in this option, your countdown timer for changing wallpapers will start.

The size of this tool is 564 Kb and as usual it will create a desktop shortcut which can be used to use this freeware. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows and has been tested successfully on Windows 7- 32 bit edition.

Download WallpaperManager

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